Telling Coach Shegog’s story has been an absolute pleasure. It would not have been possible without the support of so many people. I want to thank his family for their insight into his early life. I thank his friends and colleagues who shared their stories and common experiences of personal growth. Thank you to all his former wrestlers and coaches who reminisced about lessons on and off the wrestling mat. Gideon Richards, thank you for your creative title.

Thank you, Seth Stuart, Tiffany Davis, and Tino Kehagias, for your initial reviews and critique. Thank you, Diane Escalante, for your thorough review and multifaceted assistance. Thank you, Suzanne Gochenouer, for your calculated edits and seasoned consulting. You are a true hero of this project. To the North High NFL crew, Jerry McCarty, Monique Mendel, and Zita Robinson, thank you for preserving our coach’s truth so his positive influence could prosper and shine through to so many of us.

Thank you, Louanne Fetters, for your beautiful quilt and even more beautiful character. Alex Kun, thank you for your vivid photos. I want to thank my talented wife, Marie, for her design creativity and endless support. Thank you, Mike Tighe, for joyfully sharing and living this fleeting life together with Robert Shegog. Lastly, I thank all the readers who support us. I hope Coach Shegog’s story gives you the courage to live your true self-life.